Interesting Features

Ring our “Golden Bell”

Because Moonambel is in a communications black hole, we have created a “Golden Bell”, mounted in a old farm wind-mill frame.

Visitors are encouraged  to ring the the bell louAdrian on Towerdly, for a long time and frequently, which will make it highly likely that one of us will hear you come and let you taste our interesting and elegant wines and our gourmet caper and olive products.







Come and try your hand at riddling our Sparkling Cider.

Riddling Rack

Next time you are visiting our cellar door, check out the antique oak riddling racks. These were once used at Blue Pyrenees winery for manually settling the yeast lees on the seal, before removing it from the bottle.







Weather Vane or Whether Vain?

A visual pun.Whether Vain








Terraponics, Floating Gardens on Dams.


Come and have a look at the technique we have developed to grow flowers and vegetables in boxes floating on our dams.

dam pictures 2010 009As well preventing rabbit and kangaroo damage, no watering is required.

A 30 page booklet outlining the methods is available from the cellar door for $15 or electronically from Lulu.









Caper Recipe Booklet.

IMG_20150921_0003A booklet containing more than 30  recipes using capers, caper berries, caper leaves and caper Dukkah (aka Sun Dried Caper Flakes) is available on request from the cellar door to any visitor purchasing more than $50 of our wine.








Flashing Rainbow DVDs


The Bottle Wind-Chime


Bottle Wind Chime (2)

The Bottle Carillon

Come play “How Dry we Are” or “Three Green Bottles on our two octave chromatic bottle Chime.

Wild-life Friendly Viticulture.

Wild life Friendly Trellis

Our vines are trellised at 2 metres in height, using a modified Sylvoz System

Although somewhat more expensive to set up, it has many advantages:

It allows us to life in harmony with the local kangaroos and wallabies.

It is minimises disease pressures

It obviates the need for under-vine herbicides.

It makes picking and pruning ergonomically friendly.

It allows easy application of bird tight netting, making the creation of fortified wines practical.


Wood and Oil fired Kiln

Fire KilnThis home-made kiln is able to be wood-fired to 900 degrees for Japanese Raku style firing.

It will reach stoneware temperatures (1300 degrees) when blowing in waste vegetable oil, supplied by local catering outlets having once reached red-heat (600 degrees), .

The kiln then smells of fish and chips.

Te kiln was used to fire the Month tiles for the sun dial (See Below).





Vineyard “Sun-Dial of Human Involvement” Refurbished

Our vineyard sSun Dial 2un-dial/mini-golf rink has been refurbished after the outdoor carpet had worn away.
The surface now consists of cleaned Jarrah blocks recycled from between the tram tracks of Bridge Road, Richmond.

The Month tiles were created from clay dug and refined from the vineyard irrigation dam and fired in our home-made kiln.

Come and have a putt on your next visit.




The Sun-Dial of Human Involvement at Moonambel Common.

Finished Sun Dial

This sun dial is located on the corner of Church and  Humffray Streets, close to the Moonambel Historic lock-up.

The hour slogans relate to crime and punishment, inspired by the lock-up.

It was funded by Rural Arts Victoria and was created by the children of the Primary School and Moonambel ceramic artists.

Well worth  a visit.