Pyrenees Gourmet Caper Products

Caper1As well as grapes, the Pyrenees is able to grow most Mediterranean plants, including  olives and capers extremely well.

In the spirit of combining wine with food, in our Cellar Door, we have gourmet caper products available for tasting and purchase.

As well as being a savoury addition to any meal, particularly for vegetarians, they are extremely healthy for you, containing powerful anti-oxidants and anti-cancer agents.

Our products include:

Pyrenees Gourmet Capers

Pyrenees Gourmet Caper Berries

Pyrenees Gourmet Caper Leaves

Pyrenees Gourmet Sun-Dried Caper Flakes

Pyrenees Gourmet Caper Paste

Pyrenees Gourmet Caper Tapenade

Pyrenees Gourmet Kalamata Olives

Moonambel Gap Olive Oil.

Catering quantities are available on request.